Friday, 13 September 2013

QSO Début a Success

In May 2013, Simon Murphy appeared as guest conductor with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) delivering sold out performances at the brand new QSO headquarters at the ABC Southbank Studios in Brisbane, Australia. Performing two hand-tailored concert programmes, Roman Holiday and New Generation, the concerts marked Murphy's début with the orchestra (pictured).

Murphy's QSO performances contribute to a busy schedule of guest conducting engagements ranging from Bach's monumental B Minor Mass with the Latvian State Choir to Mozart arias and symphonies with the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra.

Featuring music by Corelli, Handel, Richter, Stamitz, Abel, JC Bach, CPE Bach, Reichardt, Graaf, Schmitt "The Dutch Haydn", Paisiello and Cimarosa, Murphy's performances with the QSO formed the core of the orchestra's popular Baroque Series and saw the maestro introduce audiences to "new" 18th century repertoire as well as delivering fresh perspectives on classic orchestral works.

Roman Holiday explores the inspiration given to Handel by Roman Baroque icon Corelli, centring around Murphy's vibrant new take on Handel's cosmopolitan orchestral masterpiece, The Water Music.

New Generation (a.k.a. The Birth of the Symphony) celebrates the visionary founders of the symphony and symphony orchestra, taking the listener on a symphonic road trip through glittering mid-18th century northern European symphonic epicentres.

Murphy's upcoming guest conducting performances around the world include the programmes It's About Time, Black Magic, Great Scot, Empress of Pleasure and Heaven on Earth variously featuring works by Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Rossini, Mendelssohn, Marschner and Lortzing.

Murphy's co-operation with the QSO was instigated by the orchestra's artistic director Richard Wenn. Live recordings of the performances were made by ABC sound engineer Costa Zouliou and ABC producer Matthew Dewey and are scheduled for broadcast by Australia's national classical broadcaster, ABC Classic FM, later in the year.

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